Examining Joint Replacement Statistics for Seniors

Are you or a senior loved one undergoing a hip or knee replacement surgery in the near future? If so, you might have several questions about the procedure, including wondering about the prevalence of total hip and knee replacement in the United States or about hip replacement statistics by age, especially among seniors. When it comes to understanding joint replacement statistics for seniors, we’ve got you covered at Metropolis Rehabilitation & Health Care Center. Read on to learn more about joint replacement surgery and the road to recovery at Metropolis.

How Common is Joint Replacement Surgery?

When it comes to the prevalence of total hip and knee replacements in the United States, the incidence is high with more than 1 million joint replacement procedures being performed each year! Joint replacement procedures are becoming more and more common, and approximately 7 million Americans today now live with a replaced hip or knee, making them more mobile even despite advanced arthritis. These procedure volumes are only expected to increase, as well, with the baby boomer generation growing older on top of the population’s increasing demand for improved quality of life and mobility at any age. In fact, the National Institutes of Health projects that joint replacements will soon become the most common elective surgical procedure.

Clearly, joint replacement surgeries – specifically those of the knee and hip – are quite common; but, what about their prevalence in terms of age? Looking at hip replacement statistics by age, while the procedure is most common among individuals ages 75 and over, it is rapidly becoming more common among younger seniors, with the largest percent increase from 2007-2010 among individuals ages 55-64.

When looking at joint replacement statistics for seniors as it relates to gender, the prevalence for both hip and knee replacements was higher among women than men, and it also increased with age.

In comparison to patients undergoing joint replacement at a younger age, seniors planning to receive a total hip replacement or knee replacement are more likely to experience postoperative complications, to be admitted to the intensive care unit (ICU), to be discharged to a skilled care community, or to have a longer hospital length-of-stay. That’s why it’s important for any senior considering joint replacement surgery to have a plan in place for finding high-quality skilled care to help improve recovery.

The Road to Recovery at Metropolis

When it comes to your recovery, or that of your senior loved one, look no further than the skilled care available at Metropolis Rehabilitation & Health Care Center in Metropolis, Illinois.

At Metropolis, we’ll help guide you through your senior rehabilitation in style. You’ll benefit from our extensive skilled nursing services and superior amenities, including nutritious meals prepared daily by in-house cooks and meal options for special diets. We’ll work with your physician to create a personalized care plan to help you in your recovery, incorporating your individual preferences for wellness with our social, wellness and daily fitness programs. Additional amenities include a relaxing whirlpool spa and fully equipped therapy gym – take a virtual tour today!

Still not sure if Metropolis is right for you? Contact us to schedule a time to visit our community or give us a call at 618-524-2634. Our staff stands ready to answer any questions you might have about rehabilitation at Metropolis.