Social Activities for Seniors at Metropolis Rehab

At every age and stage of life, our minds are one of our most important tools. During our golden years, we may begin to notice some changes to our memory, our thinking processes and our ability to retain information. It may take a few more seconds to remember where a car is parked, remember a birth date or to come up with the right word during a conversation. While these brain changes can be challenging, for the most part, they are a normal part of aging. As we age, our brains shrink and blood flow slows. The brain can lose volume, which can cause the loss of connection between nerve cells. Here are five tips for keeping the mind sharp as you age:

  1. Keep the brain stimulated by continuing to learn new skills and increasing social interaction.
  2. Remain physically active to increase blood flow to the brain.
  3. Eat a healthy diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids, such as tuna, salmon and mackerel.
  4. Stop smoking and reduce alcohol intake.
  5. Maintain healthy cholesterol and blood pressure levels to decrease the risk of heart attack and strokes.

Senior living communities like Metropolis Rehabilitation & Health Care Center plan regular senior living activities and social activities for seniors to help keep residents’ minds sharp and their bodies active!

Recent Senior Living Activities

At Metropolis Rehab, there is no shortage of social activities for seniors! There are activities and daily programs that meet a wide range of interests and abilities, all supported by the friendly and engaging staff. In addition to the daily fun, the Metropolis Rehab team prides themselves on holding impromptu parties and holiday gatherings and marking special occasions with the residents. This spring, residents enjoyed the many benefits of gardening for seniors, including the fresh air and bonding time! Metropolis Rehab also welcomed new salon services during the spring months! Residents welcomed the stylists and jumped at the opportunity to relax during their pampering sessions. To mark National Women’s Golf Month in June, residents practiced their putting and learned tips from one another.

About Metropolis Rehabilitation & Health Care Center

Offering both skilled nursing and rehabilitation care, Metropolis Rehab in Metropolis, Ill. offers an engaging, beautiful, inviting setting designed to create the lives our residents want. Team members receive specialized training to support residents after surgery, an illness or an injury. We are able to honor the individual needs and goals of each resident on their healing journey through our unique programs and dedicated, individualized care plans.

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